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Additional Installed Modules
Livelink Classifications 4.1.0 This is an upgrade to the Classifications module 3.0. Livelink Classifications adds taxonomic capabilities providing an alternative to the standard way of organizing, managing, and browsing Livelink items. Additional automatic or assisted association of documents with one or more classifications is achieved by purchasing and enabling the intelligent classification functionality.
Livelink Committees This is an upgrade to the Committees module 3.7.2. Livelink Committees provide users with another way to collaborate in Livelink. Each Committee is a container, maintained by a Facilitator, that houses all types of information - including Livelink items and customized reports - and presents it in a personalized, newspaper-like interface. Committees can be built around any focus (for example, a company department, particular subject matter, or professional affiliation).
Livelink Workflow 4.5.0 This is an upgrade to the Workflow module 3.0 that shipped with Livelink 9.2.0. Livelink Workflow is a collaborative tool used to handle business processes that usually require human intervention or collaboration such as document, invoice, or purchase order approval.
Livelink Workflow Painter 4.5.0 This is an upgrade to the Workflow Painter module 3.0 that shipped with Livelink 9.2.0. The Livelink Workflow Painter is an electronic graphical painter that allows a designer to create a graphical representation of a work process, called a workflow map. Workflow maps contain a series of linked steps performed sequentially or in parallel, and include the attachments, comments, forms and attributes related to the work process. To optimize this portion of the workflow process, the designer should start with a clear plan of the order of operation: who is assigned to do what tasks, and whether the process is linear or requires loop backs.